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Radio communication over a distance of at least 2 light-seconds using the Moon as reflector.
Anyone interested in actually talking to him/herself? We can do that - you're welcome.

About Project Moonbounce

Project Moonbounce's aim is to provide the visitors of 2011's Chaos Communication Camp some interesting insights into amateur radio in general and into one of its most spectacular varieties in particular. Earth-Moon-Earth (EME, Moonbounce) radio communication directly on the campsite and for everyone's amazement. Since the camp's language is mostly English due to the very international audience, this site is as well.

Project Moonbounce is part of Metalab's Leiwandville 3.0 and provided by the people of MetaFunk in cooperation with amateur radio operators from the CCC (Chaoswelle) and from all over the world!

This site is used for organizational purposes. Pse add all infos/thoughts/help offers/donations and whatever you think might help us to reach our goal!


  • We will work in the 2m band (≈144MHz) using 2 long Yagi antennas and a high power amplifier.
  • Togehter with the Chaoswelle we will also be partaking in all other hamradio activities on the camp.




Active Components (radios etc.)

Part Who How Transportation Cost [€] Status
Antennas / two long 2m (EME)-Yagis OE1RFC buy used or new tbd 100 - 400 ordered (OE4DNS)
Kuhne 2m EME LNA MKU LNA 144 A OE1RFC get new one small piece 224,00 + heat sink
Transceiver ?,? IC7000 from OE1RFC at worst tbd ?

Passive Components (cables etc.)

Part Who How Transportation Cost [€] Status
coaxial power splitter ?,? ? tbd ~60 (Wimo) ordered (OE4DNS)
Kuhne SEQ2 sequencer OE1RFC ? -
coaxial relay, 2kW PEP, >70-80dB isolation OE1RFC ? tbd ? ordered (OE1RFC)
coaxial relay PA/LNA switching for TRX ?,? ? tbd ? (cheap)
Low Loss Coax + N connectors OE1RFC ? ? -
High Power Dummyload ?,? ? tbd ?
High Power SWR-Meter ?,? ? tbd ?

Mechanical Components

Part Who How Transportation Cost [€] Status
vertical(4-6m?) / horizontal(~3.5m?) mast OE4DNS, Andi steel tubes exist Since I don't transport the Phone cell, there is space for a mast. Zem -
Erdanker OE4DNS existing ? -
steel cable OE4DNS existing ? -
elevation rotator OE1RFC Kenpro KR-500 (similar to Yaesu G500) medium size 0
azimuth rotator OE3ATC Hy-Gain ??? medium size 0
Thrust bearing (Oberlager) + Rotator platform OE1RFC if we need one, depends on setup small ? ordered (OE1RFC)


Part Who How Transportation Cost [€] Status
halogen spotlight for nightly repair work 1 from OE1RFC, several from OE4DNS we have it we takes it zero
crime scene tape ("Achtung Hochspannung") ? ? ? TODO
green laser (for rotator calibration) ? ? ? -


After collecting all equipment a testing setup will be created to check if all components are working, if nothing is missing and if we can improve our setup.

Clemens suggests Stadtflucht4 (roughly 1 month ahead and 2 weeks after Ham Radio)


At least one truck and one big van with trailer.

-> see ORGA Leiwandville 3.0


 				       __\-o\-\-\-\-\				  /.    \
 				      /   /					 |    O  |
 			  [LNA]-[R]---O  #					  \ o_  /
 			    |    |    \ /|					  
 			    |	 |   \-o-|\-\-\-\-\				
 			    |	 |	 |		
 			    |	 |	|-		
 			    |	 |	||		
 			    |	 |	||		
 			    |	 |	||		
 			___/	 |	||		
  ____	 _____	      /		 |	|#	
 | PC | | TRX |o-----[R]--[PA]---+	|	
 |____|-|_____|			   ____/ \____			(cc-by-sa oe1rfc, oe4dns)

Working the Moon

Call sign

There will be a special event callsign for the camp that we can use. An alternative would be using home-call signs with DL prefix.


WSJT v7 using JT65B

Conds - Space-Weather/Moon constellation

  • Moon is full which does not really matter but looks nice :-)
  • Earth-Moon distance: 395000 km - could be closer but we're not going to change that.
  • Path in the sky at Finowfurt...

How it worked

We were very successful in producing a readeable signal that was heard from many stations on the northern hemisphere. Unfortunately and most likely due to heavy QRM at the campsite we were not able to complete a full two-way QSO. We did hear and decode some signals tough.

There is a chat-log from the JT65 EME chat. Here is a Copy to read.