Project Moonbounce

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Project Moonbounce

Radio Communication over a distance of at least 2 Light Seconds using the Moon as reflector. Anyone interested in actually talking to him/herself? We can do that - you're welcome.

Project Moonbounce's aim is to provide the visitors of 2011's Chaos Communication Camp some interesting insights into Amateur Radion in general and into one of its most spectacular varieties in particular. Earth-Moon-Earth (EME, Moonbounce) radio communication directly on the campsite and for everyones amazement. Since the camp's language is mostly english due to the very international audience, this site is as well.

Project Moonbounce is part of Metalab's Leiwandville 3.0 and provided by the people of MetaFunk in cooperation with Amateur Radio operators from all over the world - tnx, you know who you are!

This site is used for organizational purposes. Pse add all infos/thoughts/help offers/donations and whatever you think might help us to reach our goal!


  • We will work in the 2m Band using 2 long Yagi Antennas and a high power amplifier.
  • ...

Info deutsch

Project Moonbounce soll den Besuchern des Chaos Communication Camp 2011 den Amateurfunk allgemein und eine seiner späktakulärsten Spielarten im Besonderen nahebringen. Erde-Mond-Erde (EME, Moonbounce) Funkverkehr direkt auf dem Camp und für alle zu bestaunen. Das Camp ist, wie unsere Zielgruppe, höchst international und die Sprache größtenteils Englisch. Die Moonbounce Projektseite ist daher ebenfalls in englisch gehalten. Sollten trotzdem oder grade deswegen Fragen auftreten, einfach bei OE4DNS anklopfen!



Part Who How Transportation Cost
Antennas/ two long 2m (EME)-Yagis OE1RFC, Clemens buy used or new tbd 100 - 400 Euro
 ?  ?,?  ? tbd  ? Euro


After collecting all equipment a testing setup will be created to check if all components are working and if nothing is missing.


At least one truck and one big van with trailer.

-> see ORGA Leiwandville 3.0


Working the Moon


Yes, we'll need one ;-)


Conds - Space-Weather/Moon constellation

Moon is full which does not really matter but looks nice :-). Earth-Moon distance and elevation have to bee looked up still.