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Pure Data Workshop

Pure Data (Pd) is a universal, Open Source software environment for real-time generation and processing of audio, graphics, video and sensor data. It's a visual programming language which allows to program in an easy and intuitive way, and is therefore widespread in the artistic community.

  • Date: Sat+Sun 27+28.11.2010
  • Where: Metalab, Library
  • Language: German or English
  • Lecturer: grh, IOhannes Zmölnig, $someone from pd~graz, servando (Berlin), or maybe you?



possibly: fbr, hop (+2), cypher, moep, cygenb0ck, oib, c3o, socialhack, DeepB, michael2, fetzig, photopic, thp, SvenG,, hanse

  • grh
  • ...
  • and maybe you?


solenoid concert, by Roman Häfeli

made with pd, an arduino and a selfmade relayboard

as an illustrating example, appetizer