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Stefanie of Miss Baltazars Laboratory asked me if I wanted to give a workshop on openFrameworks sometime soon. After a bit of discussion we concluded it would be better to provide the workshop for the general public.

   [openFrameworks is] (for) folks using computers for creative, artistic expression,
   and who would like low level access to the data inside of media in order manipulate,
   analyze or explore. That audience we felt was significantly underserved by the current
   crop of C++ libraries

In other words, a much more sensible and fast version of Processing that also works on iPhones.

What the workshop would be

  • An introduction into OS X/Linux/Windows and iPhone environments and how you manage the (unfortunately very annoying) IDEs (Code::Blocks and XCode)
  • Give a capability overview of shipped libraries
  • Show you how to use addons such as ofxFBOTexture or ofxMultiTouch
  • Going over a few small examples incorporating sound/videos/network etc.
  • Basically get you started with a flexible environment for whatever you might want to do - be it video tracking, serial communication with an Arduino, or creative iPhone programming in C++

What it wouldn't be

  • An in-depth C++ or general programming introduction - please bring at least a little bit of Processing experience, then we'll be able to work it out
  • An OpenGL/3D programming introduction (for that please see Computergraphik-Einfuehrung - I'm looking forward to that myself)


14.3., 16:00, Library


A list of those interested.