N9 Hackathon

aus Metalab, dem offenen Zentrum für meta-disziplinäre Magier und technisch-kreative Enthusiasten.
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Hackathon n9.png
  • Sat/Sun 8. - 9. Oktober 2011
  • Location: Metalab Vienna
  • contact info: thp
  • Hacks in/on/around/for the Nokia N9
  • Catering sponsored by Nokia Austria

More details

  • Blog Announcement, meego.com forum post
  • Some N9s will be available on location for development and testing purposes
  • If you have a N950 or N900, bring it (we can deploy most apps on them too!)
  • You don't need a device to participate - you can deploy and test onto the test devices
  • We will have some NFC Tags we can use for experimenting/developing (ordered - waiting for delivery)


  • Compose annoucements: intern@ + metalab@ +metalab-announce@

List of people who come

Needing accomodation:

  • Arnaud Delcasse (chouchoune on FreeNode IRC; #meego; adelcasse ndn cx)
  • Andrea Ricci
  • Tom Hutchinson (firstname.lastname zonica.com)
  • Timothy Kist (zboarda gmail)
  • Marius Gedminas (gedmin.as)
  • Rodrigo Linfati (rlinfati gmail)
  • Martin Grimme (firstname.lastname gmail.com)
  • Neal H. Walfield (firstname@lastname.org)
  • Philippe Apéry (B113 on FreeNode IRC #meego; metalab tesseract fr)
  • feel free to add yourself to this list with some way of contacting you

No accomodation (locals, couchsurfers, etc..):

List of activities / projects / talks

  • tbd