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Gestartet: 21.01.2014
Involvierte: User:Amir
Status: active
Beschreibung: Make Art - Wherever, Anyhow
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 21.01.2014


Sound recording, production and artistic endeavors using FOSS and thoughts!

Past Meeting No10

Sunday 6 July 2014/ 17:00 @library

HeavyMeta Weirdo Party & Audio CD playback :))

Past Meeting No9

Sunday 29 June 2014/ 17:00 @library

HeavyMeta Weirdo Party & Audio CD playback :))

Past Meeting No8

Sunday 22 June 2014/ 17:00 @Hauptraum

Looper Session & Story telling recording

Past Meeting No7

Sunday 15 June 2014/ 17:00 @Hauptraum

Test the looper session, meet with other artists and collect any media to be included at the heavymeta weirdos party:) Than means all should come by at some point :-P

Past Meeting No6

Sunday 8 June 2014/ 17:00 @library

General meeting [ Jam Session, Set a date for Metafest, Discuss problems, live performance or exhibition possibilities and review some responsibilities - Alle müssen kommen :p ]

Past Meeting No5

Sunday 25 May 2014/ 17:00 @library

Topics: 1. Start sound production material and record any additional instruments or corrections needed. 2. Discuss and set a date for live performance - show case - music party in june 2014 (until 21).

Past Meeting No4

Sunday 18 May 2014/ 17:00 @library

Topics: 1. Finish recording guitar and voice for Blues Wanker. If you would like to record something come by.

Past Meeting No3

Sunday 27 April 2014/ 17:00 @library

Topics: 1. Record a narration of a text and experiment with SoundFumble (see links below) 2. Audio production on actual recordings from the band "Blues wanker" using the Ardour3 workstation. Re-record one song using a counting clicker (metronome).

Past Meeting No2

Sunday 20 April 2014/ 17:00 @library

Topics: 1. Record the band "Blues wanker" using a mic for voice and a usb "sound-interface" for guitar. 2. Discuss proximity effect in microphones and Process recorded audio using Ardour3.

Past Meeting No1

Friday 7 Feb 2014 / 17:30-19:30 @library Topics: 1.Ardour3 introduction | 2.Kick-off brainstorming

[Topic brainstorming]

I would like to express interest in an Ardour workshop/meeting! (Myself coming from commercial packages and curious what's the state of the art for open source DAWs!) - simonrepp

I express my interest to introduce some pure data patching meetings/workshops - ktsouk



Digital Sound Processing Editor (multitrack editing & mixing): Ardour3

Lightweight Sound Editor (with a Nyquist prompt): Audacity

Audio Synth from image(s) (GIMP plugin) SoundFumble

Drum Machine: DrumGizmo

Visual Programming Environment (DSP learning, Media/controller integration): Pure data (pd)

Run pd patches on android: pdDroidParty

Little Synths for android (needs pdDroidParty) EnsembleS

Run pd patches on idevices (built interface using GUI elements): ModMuPlat

Sinusoidal Partial Editing Analysis & Resynthesis (Fourier in your basement, eem computer - deep waters): Spear

Real-Time Synthesis Engine (algorithmic composition - deep waters): SuperCollider

Real-Time Audio Signal Processing (DSP to C++ code - deep waters): Faust

Audio Signal Processing (concurrent audio multimedia programming - deep waters): ChucK

Audio Signal Processing (serious audio processing - deep waters): CDP-Wishart