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Involvierte: Various Artists
Status: in progress
Beschreibung: Documentation of our Moderately Huge Screens
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 2014-06-13



Bildschirmseite vom Hersteller

äußere Schrauben sind M4, die vom VESA-Pattern sind M6

Serielle Schnittstelle kann als Fernsteuerung verwendet werden. Proof of concept in der Slackomatic funktioniert bereits (Power on/off). PDF Doku vom Hersteller (NEC)


Touchglasplatte: 102.2x65.2x0.37cm

Treiber (

Mounting information:

  • An Air gap of 8mm or more will be required between the LCD panel and the touch sensor.
  • In all cases the earth cable provided with the touchfoil™ controller MUST be connected to the metal CASE/CHASSIS of the LCD. The whole setup should be very well grounded.
  • Isolate the USB/Serial cable away from other cables eg. VGA, power or data cables.
  • Try to locate the controller board away from power supplies, printers, inverters or any other electronic components in your unit.
  • Standard configuration functions with non-metallic, non-conductive single construction glass which caters for up to 20mm inclusive of glass and air gap.
  • please note that 1mm of air is equal to 3mm of glass
  • It is important to allow for circulation of air in front of the LCD.

Original-Abstandshalter war ~11x11mm (vermutlich Acryl)

Currently Used In

  • Metalab Hauptraum Couchtisch (nur Monitor, noch nicht funktional)
  • Digitale Kunst Diplomausstellung (nur Monitor)
  • Paradocks (Monitor & Touchpanel)
  • Lounge