MCH2022: Unterschied zwischen den Versionen

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(We're going to plan stuff. and things)
Zeile 40: Zeile 40:
|  [[User:Spfeifer|Basti]] || NJ420? || TBD || TBD  || not yet
|  [[User:Spfeifer|Basti]] || NJ420? || TBD || TBD  || not yet
|  [[User:Eisbaer|Eisbaer]] || BE (Licence only) || buildup/teardown || TBD || missing

Version vom 26. Januar 2022, 09:33 Uhr

Language: English

MCH2022 (May Contain Hackers)

The next iteration of Netherlands Camps


Scoutinglandgoed in Zeewolde, 55km east of Amsterdam

Project Ideas

  • Your project


Takes place occasionally in the Metalab BBB


Camp inhabitants means of travel arrival/departure plans and projects? Ticket?
eest9 TBD TBD TBD missing
Datacop TBD TBD TBD missing
anlumo (if freight transport possible) NJ40490 TBD TBD missing
ripper NJ420 TBD TBD not yet
fbr (maybe) 2 or 4 wheels buildup/teardown TBD missing
Basti NJ420? TBD TBD not yet
Eisbaer BE (Licence only) buildup/teardown TBD missing