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Self-declared game development participants:
Self-declared game development participants:
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Aktuelle Version vom 19. August 2014, 17:22 Uhr

tl;dr: Meetup August 22, 18:00 CEST at metalab (Rathausstraße 6, 1010 Vienna)!

About Ludum Dare

Ludum Dare is a regular accelerated game development Event. Participants develop games from scratch in a weekend, based on a theme suggested by community.



It is an online event, but there are many places all over the world where people meet up to work together on a single game (at least in the Jam, see below). anlumo plans to organize the event, so Metalab can be one of those places.

Ludum Dare is two similar events taking place over one weekend

The Competition is the familiar “make a game in 48 hours solo competition” that Ludum Dare is known for. Specific details can be found below. After the competition ends, participants are given 3 weeks to play and rate games created by their peers. After those 3 weeks, winners are announced.

The Jam is the new “relaxed” Ludum Dare. It was created to make Ludum Dare even more inclusive. You can work in a team, borrow assets from your other projects, or do things that would normally be against the rules. You also get one extra day, giving you up to 72 hours to submit an entry. This is helpful for those times real life gets in the way, or for games that need just a bit more time to become something great.

Ultimately, our goal with Ludum Dare is to encourage people to sit down and make something. Our hope is that the new structure continues to encourage more and more developers to join us and create a game in a weekend.


Next Date

Ludum Dare 30 is happening on August 22-25, 2014. The time zones are shifted in a way that it's actually happening on August 23 3:00 to August 26 3:00 CEST. The start is defined by the announcement of the theme, the end is defined by the deadline you have to upload your end product by.

Since this is a rather inconvenient time, the Metalab event will start early on August 22, 18:00 CEST. From the experience of anlumo, nearly any game can be retrofitted to match the theme anyways. The first steps will be to match up the teams, discuss your plans and get the development environment going. Either at 3:00 or whenever you get up, you can start working on integrating the theme into your project.

Connection to Super Gamedev Weekend

The last time the Metalab participated, we made it in connection with the traditional Super Gamedev Weekend. However, all of the organizers of this event have since departed from Metalab (well, except for hop). Additionally, anlumo considers it better to not have a local competition in order to improve on collaboration. The Ludum Dare Jam itself also does not have a competition. Your project is only rated by other Ludum Dare participants on its own merits (you are also asked to rate other projects. There is a minimum number of ratings required so you can participate.).


That said, there are some things that should be kept. For example, it would be cool if someone would do some cooking for the participants (and everyone else who happens to be here). Florian has volunteered to cook on Saturday and Sunday evenings! The food will contain meat (pork and beef, maybe horse).

Self-declared game development participants:

Also, we will have a round of introductions at the start, in order to facilitate the team building.

Connection to the Blender Meetup Day

Unfortunately, there's a schedule conflict with the World Blender Meetup Day. However, these topics are closely related anyways, so there might be some overlap between the participants!