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Gestartet: 24.10.2013
Involvierte: Uberhaxlor, Du
Status: screen is broken
Beschreibung: Screen in Lounge which mirrors the Projector
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 2014-03-23


Monitor needs new power supply board.

Board type:vvpsm217-404-h-r (€50.- from china)


A Screen opposite of the Lounge-projector which mirrors the image beeing shown. Viewsonic VX2835WM 27.5"


  • Donated by Jubin in 2010?
  • Broke in October 2013
  • Repaired 2 weeks later
  • Worked for about a week broken again (loud bang, fuse went out)

Repairlog Nov 2013

Screen does not power up after loud bang

Power supply board had isolation fault, tried replacing several parts which looked burnt without sucess.

Monitor needs new power supply board.

Board type:vvpsm217-404-h-r

Repairlog Oct 24th 2013

Screen does not power up, power led flickers when pressed.

Backside open showing power supply board left and mainboard right.


After searching zee internets found forum posts describing exactly same error, forum suggested replacing all mainboard electrolythic capacitors.


Bulged mainboard caps.


Replaced all zee caps on mainboard with 220uF.


Also replaced zee cap on power supply board, sticks out now. If zee screen fails again (not powering up, power led flickers) the rest of the power board caps should be replaced too.

Screen working again hurray!