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Sprache: Deutsch

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Status: active
Thema: Lockpicking - Meeting im Metalab!
Gestartet: 03.07.2008
Email: See OpenLocks.at Contact
Homepage: OpenLocks
Treffen: biweekly
Zielgruppe: Everyone
Inhalt: For beginners and professionals. Come and see - share the time with people who are interested in this sport and in the knowledge of physical security.
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 26.01.2021

For beginners and professionals. Come and see - share the time with people who are interested in this sport and in the knowledge of physical security.


Date: The 1st Sunday and 3rd Wednesday in the months, please see as well Metalab-calendar

Start: 6 pm

End: Open End, mostly roughly 10 o`clock

Location: Wien, Metalab, Main room (or Library)

contact person: Klaus M. (sportgruppewien {AT} openlocks {dot} at), Association OpenLocks

Additional second Meetings per Month: The pilot phase is over. We start with a second and continuous meeting per month, which is intended for everyone. It is the blend of beginners and experts that makes the meetings what they are. To take care that lockpickers interested to visit us, but with no time at the weekends, the second meeting per month will take part at Wednesday.

Important note: Due to restrictions given by the goverment, it would be wise to write an email if Meetings will take place and where.

Virtual Meetings: Currently we use for the virtual meetings https://jitsi.technikum-wien.at/OpenLocks


There is no need to be a member at Metalab or at OpenLocks everyone is welcome.

Got OpenLocks member (20€/year, 15€ for students)

  • Tools, Locks etc. to co-finance
  • Pic-sets at a reduced rate for members
  • Reimbursement for "physical security events"

get a metalab member (in german only) (20€/month)


Are there any costs?

The meetings are free for everyone and there are no costs. If you are interested it would be possilbe to get a member for 20€/year Mitglied bei OpenLocks werden, if you will support the association. The OpenLocks membership is independent from the Metalab membership.

I have no knowledge or sparly knowledge, but are interrested to join in, would that be possible?

Of cause it is. In the beginning of the meetings you will get some introduction. It would be an advantage if you know some basics. An example of an basic introduction is [1]

Would it be possible to bring a friend with me?

For sure. See previous question.

Is there need to have an own picset (tools)?

There are tools for everyone! If you have your own tools, bring them with you.

Would it be possible to buy a picset with you?

It is possible to buy a Pick-Sets on our Webpage (OpenLocks Shop). These Pick-Sets are of a realy good quality (see the our supplier SSDeV) and are available at a manageable price. In general I will bring some Sets to the meetings. In addition, it would be possible to manage a centralized buying at an other supplier. Don't hesitate to contact me or someone else of the members.

What is the best picset for me?

It depends on you. Come to one of our Meetings and have a look what is the best set for you. Maybe you are interested to hack your own tools, which is also possible?