Laserguided Graffiti System: Unterschied zwischen den Versionen

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(Puls TV Beitrag auf youtube)
Zeile 17: Zeile 17:
=== B) Software aus Wien (Windows, Mac) ===
=== B) Software aus Wien (Windows, Mac) ===
* [[user:oneup|oneup]] & [[user:mzeltner|mzeltner]] haben die Software in Processing neu geschrieben.
* [[user:oneup|oneup]] & [[user:mzeltner|mzeltner]] haben die Software in Processing neu geschrieben.
=== C) Future ===
=== C) Future ===
Zeile 89: Zeile 89:
== making this possible ==
== making this possible ==
* [[User:oneup|oneup]] (omfg-lets-do-this!, software, set-up)
* [[User:oneup|oneup]] (omfg-lets-do-this!, software, set-up)
* [[User:mzeltner|mzeltner]] (opengl / 3d rotation haxxor)
* [[User:mzeltner|mzeltner]] (jmyron, opengl / 3d rotation haxxor)
* [[User:sushimako|sushimako]] (his majesty of beamer kingdom)
* [[User:sushimako|sushimako]] (his majesty of beamer kingdom)
* [[User:Overflo|Overflo]] & [[User:Edmund|Edmund]] (providing incredible laser power since 2007)
* [[User:Overflo|Overflo]] & [[User:Edmund|Edmund]] (providing incredible laser power since 2007)

Aktuelle Version vom 13. Oktober 2007, 19:41 Uhr

"Unbelievably cool." -- Beamer + Kamera + Laser = Massive Win

Huge lazer.jpg
immah charging mah lazer!


My jaw dropped when I watched this video of Graffiti Research Lab's laser graffiti system. You hold a laser pointer in the air, and draw whatever you want. A high-powered projection system (hidden in a van) "paints" the image on the surface of a building. Unbelievably cool. -- BoingBoing - Mind blowing video of laser-guided graffiti system

Video, wie das ganze in echt aussieht


A) Software der GRL Leute (Windows only)

B) Software aus Wien (Windows, Mac)

C) Future

  • svn
  • How about using recode it under Quartz Composer to add some special effects?
  • GRL is working on a new client-server based app, we'll switch to that and make funky clients for it. Any idea how it will work?

Quick'n'Dirty Preisliste

Original Setup Metalab
ASUS Core 2 Duo 1.83Ghz, 1GB Ram, Geforce Go 7300 256MB MacBook Black, 1GB Ram, Intel Onboard Foo
Pansonic PTD5600U 5000 ANSI Lumens 1024x768 DLP Projector. - ~3500$ (refurbished) - 7000$ (neu) Metalab Beamer 600,-. Wishlist: BenQ PB8253 3000 ANSI Lumens 1024x768 - ~1300,-
Watec 221S Security/Astrononmy Camera with manual iris zoom lens. ~500$ - 1000$ Apple iSight (eingebaut im Macbook) 0,- €
Bogen magic arm and super clamp. ~30$ 5 leere Club-Mate Kisten ~0,-
Pinnacle PCTV USB capture card. (~60€) iSight build in in Macbook 0,-
60mW Green Laser (super illegal in a lot of places and very dangerous) and loads and loads of AAA batteries. ~250$ - 300$ ?mW Green Laser ~150,- (ausgeborgt, danke Edmund)
~5-10k € (Foto vom Resultat) 1k €


  • ~4-7k für den Beamer sind arg, laut GRL gehts aber auch mit dem 1.5k teil. Testweise funktionierts auch schon mit einem "normalen" Beamer.
  • 1k für die Kamera? Wir haben mit der eingebauten iSight eines MacBooks super Ergebnisse erzielt.
  • Die normalen roten Laserpointerchen gehen nicht, nicht, nicht!!!!!!!!!

Laser Safety

I've just received a 15mW green laser from WickedLaser, and I'm terribly afraid of the safety guidelines to not harm myself and others, could you explain a bit more about it?

  • is it safe to use indoor?
  • laser point is really bright when nearer than 5 meters, is it dangerous?
  • which is the best laser to use? links to laser shop
  • Laser Tag from GRL is perfect with its target far above heads, how to deal with a crowd when using laser?

Well... I think we used a 15, 20 or 30mW laser - don't know exactly. We followed two security guidelines and so far nobody got hurt:

  1. Don't point at people. DON'T! NEVAR! EVAR!
  2. Don't point at stuff that might reflect the laser. You can't know where the reflection will end up.

Well... that's it. We also used it indoors. Be extra careful about reflecting surfaces (mirrors, plastic, metal, ...) though!

How we dealt with the crowd while using the laser: tell them how freaking dangerous it is, suddenly nobody gets in the way. Basically nobody gets in the way anyway after realizing that you can see the laserbeam in air.

Good luck!

making this possible

  • oneup (omfg-lets-do-this!, software, set-up)
  • mzeltner (jmyron, opengl / 3d rotation haxxor)
  • sushimako (his majesty of beamer kingdom)
  • Overflo & Edmund (providing incredible laser power since 2007)
  • heise, weil sie uns gesagt haben, dass wir das machen, bevor wir's richtig wussten.

Weitere Ideen, was man mit Beamern machen könnt


Step 1

Chargin Mahlazer.jpg

Step 2