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This section explores different possibilities of parameters and their outcome. This is a good place to get you an idea on how to fine tune your parameters.


  • The material
    • different parameters 1
    • different parameters 2
    • different parameters 3
  • Soap
    • engraving a soap ended in the soap swelling, or so I’ve heard.
  • Leather
    • Got a 1,5mm raw dark-brown leather, cutting goes incredibly well, but on one side it goes better then on the other. Speed: 45 or 40, Power: 100, Freq.: 2500
    • Engraving is not soo good, you can see the engraved parts, but only on 100/100, and then its not even black or something... May this depends on your leather


  • making a example raster / vector file for experimental cuts
    • using color mapping for different speed/power/frequency in one job..