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About Labelz

Labelz is an general idea about putting small tags on things that are somewhere in publicly used enviroments like hackerspaces, offices, workshops and so on. If there is a thing, the label should make it possible to understand who owns this thing, what you are allowed to do with it, what to do if it is broken, wether you can move it someplace else, and things like that.

The labels should contain QR Codes and/or Human Readable Info (Text and or Icons), depending on the purpose. The labels should be printable inblack and white on a maximum size of 3cm width, especially with a typical label printer.

There should be a webbased solution, which generates the labelz based on list and checkboxes for a special environment, and renders them to an image that one could print.

The flags should apply not only to junk in the lab, e.g. Beamer,Printers,Displays,Styrofoam Cutters,Toolboxes, Repraps, Food?, Bikes, Furniture, unfinished projects, you name it; Also a more general use context should be kept in mind.

Basically all the information should boil down to a short, coded, still human readable string<200 Letters, that is also replicated by the QR-Code There should be data fields, The Flags should be two-byte values that are at least human interpretable if possible, i.e. Public Domain="PD".

Labelz example.jpg


Software Architecture

html form->data->executeable->png->html->printer executeable might benefit from:

or maybe just html form->display->html->printer

current proof of concept: Labelz test Maybe use some existing online service for generating the QR codes or implement the QR library in JavaScript so we don't need an active component on the server?

Content String schematic

You have flags, that are defined by a one letter. Then you have flag-specifiers, by two letters.

e.g. OwnershipType-Flag="O"

e.g. OwnershipType-Flag-Specifier="pd"=Public Domain

-> Opd

If there are strings included

"R"=responsible person

"8" number of characters following


-> R8bkubicek

as http:// links can be encoded in qr-codes, and are understand automatically by most qr-code decoders, one could per principle encode using a link [i know .lz does not exist]: http://labe.lz/V1aOpdUfrD010110 could be something like "Version 1a Ownership Public domain Use Freely". The linked page could then decode the qr-code string and present it nicely.

Included info:

  • Labelz version Flag
  • OwnershipshipType
    • Private
    • Borrowed
    • Public Domain
    • Sponsored for Public Use
    • HiveOwned
  • OwnershipString: Name of owner/responsible person/
  • Owner contact Flag
    • M email
    • T telephone
    • A im
    • J Jabber
  • Owner contact String
  • Date of tagging
  • UseageFlag:
    • Use as you wish
    • Ask owner before use
    • Use only if you know what you are doing
    • do not touch
    • use ultra carfully
  • UsageString: intended useage
  • LendingFlags:
    • Permanent remove permitted
    • borrowing allowed
    • borrowing allowed with allowance of one owner
    • borrowing allowed with allowance of the hive
    • Moving to different room ok
  • If broken
    • return to owner
    • repair yourself, if fail tell owner
    • repair, if fail, throw it away
    • destroyer rebuys, if no destroyer, notice owner
  • if unwanted
    • return to owner
    • just throw it away
    • store forever
  • Value of thing