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Hi Metalab,

I have finaly worked out the basic ins and outs of working these wiki sites

what is with this site free art invest site http://phoria.eu/freeartinvest/Main_Page its on the same server as the hafhp project set up by Christopher.

An element of the visit I had to metalab may have sparked this project, to keep HAFHP out of the communication of this idea aint so great and surely not productive or maybe over productive.

I am not able to read the project as its in German, however the name of the project is in english

please explain and keep HAFHP in the loop.

I have been in communication with creative commons and i am working out how the process of this organization can relate to hafhp from a legal perspective. We have a couple of lawyers on our team.

Its been cool to have this wiki site and it seems things are moving along with the project, it looks like hafhp is going for a non profit status in the US in the next weeks.

If anyone from metalab with more time is vibed and wants to get on board as a team member it would be cool.

ahoj from Prague and thanks for metalabs support for the idea.