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Hi Metalab,

We have finaly worked out the basic ins and outs of working the hafhp wiki site.

What is with this site free art invest Free Art Invest its on the same server as the hafhp project set up by Christopher. I thought the HAFHP project was on the Metalab site.

An element of the visit I had to metalab may have sparked this project, to keep HAFHP out of the communication of this idea aint so great and surely not productive or maybe over productive.

I am not able to read the project as its in German, however the name of the project is in english please explain and keep HAFHP in the loop. My thoughts on the project at a glimspe in a language i don't understand are this.

Hafhp has been in communication with creative commons and i am working out how the process of this organization can relate to hafhp from a legal perspective. We have 2 people on our team that can offer a legal perspective. From what i know of the free art project your going to run into problems as no-one controls what is in the Public domain, who is going to look after the art once it is in the public domain. Who would collect the royalty when a royalty would be generated through performance of the art, how could you stop the artist taking claim to his work after you had paid the artist for his work and how can the people that give this money be satisfied the work is to remain in the public domain. Yes i have been thinking about the cc things a bit.

If anyone from metalab with more time is vibed and wants to get on board as a team member it would be cool, Christian is a great help yet is busy with his work, we need help with construction of a public face for the .org . Why not work together, i know your objective is hacking, yet to hack into a hack is kind of pointless from where i am, its kind of like shooting the person that is trying to help your cause.

Thanks metalabs for support of the idea, i very much enjoyed my visit to the lab and would like to perform again when the time is right.