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The EduBuzzer has software run in three parts:

  • Firmware run on the ATMega controllers (for hardware control and radio communication)
    • The firmware can run additional code inside a virtual machine for tasks like LED fading, meldoy beeping or even autonomous games.
  • Middleware running natively on the computer (for serving the firmware, managing communication and for persistence)
  • A Frontend running in a web browser (containing the game logic itself)

The communication through the whole software is described in the communication documentation.

there will be different software components involved

there is a firmware on each device

there will be a hostsoftware (webserver) that runs on the pc/laptop

this webserver will provide a webinterface to the javascript application

there are positions open for

  • the webserver/serialcom (python) amir implements this job with java
  • the webfrontend application logic (javascript)
  • the webfrontent design (CSS)
  • firmware and protocoldesign (AVR)

PC server

There is a proof-of-concept implementation of a serial controller and a simple voting game for debugging purposes in the repository. It demonstrates that the firmware can also do logins, handle disconnected clients and respond to events.