GIT Workshop 2014

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GIT Workshop 2014
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27.05.2014, 19:00
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 10.06.2014

Hands-On GIT Workshop in two or more parts which will make your life easy and may save your ass.

General Topics

  • Commiting, Diffing, Reverting, Tags
  • Branches, Merging and Conflicts
  • Remotes, Github, Forking, Pull-Requests
  • Working together within a repository and across repos
  • Contributing to open source projects
  • Workflows for teams and dev->testing->production environments
  • Stashing, Sqashing, Rebasing, Submodules

More Topic Ideas

  • Issue tracking
  • Code reviews with Gerrit, integrating Jenkins CI
  • Automatic code-style checks at git commit
  • Using blame accross merged branches

It's a command-line oriented workshop where all hands will get dirty! We celebrate failure and are going to have fun.

  • Session 1: 'Tue, 27.5.2014 (19:00)
  • Session 2 (Team Workflows): Tue, 10.6.2014 (19:00)
  • Beginner Intro Session: Tue, 3.6.2014 (19:00)


  • You are somewhat familiar with the terminal/command line
  • You have git-core installed (can run git in the command line)
  • You added yourself to the participants (further down)
  • You have an account at Github
  • You tried task 1

Task 1

A quick and easy task to get you started! It's only about attempting! If you run into problems, it still counts as an attempt (just send me a message).

  1. Fork or clone the workshop repository and make a change (change literally anything). See also the Github Guides and Bootcamp
  2. Send me a pull-request or a patch, either on Github or to chris [at]

+1 for your contribution!

Protip for the super lazy: you can fork the repo, edit a file, and submit a pull request all without leaving the Github website. [try the command line first :)]

When / Where

  • Part 1: Tue, 27.5.2014, 19:00, Hauptraum **(all seats for this evening are now allocated)**
  • Part 2: Tue, 10.6.2014, 19:00, Hauptraum
  • Part 3: Tue, 24.6.2014, 19:00, Hauptraum

Beginner intro session: Tuesday, 3.6.2014, 19:00, Library


Attempt task 1 to get a green check. If you don't have a wiki account, just send me a pull request and i'll add you.

  1. zerocity
  2. wizard23
  3. stereotype
  4. cygenb0ck
  5. luto
  6. derLukers
  7. Maria
  8. reox
  9. pl
  10. VT100
  11. overflo
  12. Pavel
  13. jaeh
  14. Dajana
  15. queltos
  16. Gem
  17. Leyrer
  18. berq
  19. 0x746f6d
  20. m68k
  21. jain7th
  22. kay
  23. Hetti
  24. qubit23
  25. scripty
  26. Ben
  27. Ktsouk


# Possibly useful Git aliases for your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile
alias g='git'
alias gs='git status | more'
alias ga='git add '
alias gb='git branch '
alias gc='git commit'
alias gcnv="git commit --no-verify"
alias gd='git diff'
alias go='git checkout '
alias gl='git log'
alias gh='git log --pretty=format:"%h %ad | %s%d [%an]" --graph --date=short'


Just a collection of links for the curious, not required reading :)