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== Mechanics ==
== Mechanics ==
* quick change toolpost for the lathe
* DRO for lathe
* DRO for lathe
* Digital feed for lathe
* Digital feed for lathe

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Equipment Wishlist

Metalab is always looking for ways to improve the hacking experience. For the best results, good equipment is necessary. We're already pretty well equipped, but there's always room for improvement. This page is here to collect ideas on what devices and furniture we could use that isn't available yet.

This list is not limited to any single area of work, but try to keep them in their respective lists (or add your own).

Feel free to add your own ideas, limited to the following


  1. No items with only a highly limited use case, like a screwdriver for repairing an Apple Watch.
  2. Nothing that needs a full room to operate, like a reflow conveyor oven.
  3. Keep it reasonable, we won't be getting any 6 figure equipment here!


  • Electronic load
  • Better soldering stations
  • Benchtop multimeter
  • Logic analyzer
  • Pick&place
  • BGA rework station
  • EMC probe + amplifier + spectrum analyzer
  • PCB inspection microscope with both oUSB-Camera and optical
  • Tempering oven
  • Hot plate (for warming up PCBs)
  • Fume exhauster


  • quick change toolpost for the lathe
  • DRO for lathe
  • Digital feed for lathe
  • CNC lathe
  • CNC milling machine for steel
  • Injection molding
  • universal cutter grinder
  • AC TIG welder