Equipment Wishlist

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Equipment Wishlist

Metalab is always looking for ways to improve the hacking experience. For the best results, good equipment is necessary. We're already pretty well equipped, but there's always room for improvement. This page is here to collect ideas on what devices and furniture we could use that isn't available yet.

This list is not limited to any single area of work, but try to keep them in their respective lists (or add your own).

Feel free to add your own ideas, limited to the following


  1. No fancy stuff that's not equipment, like the Blinkenwall.
  2. Equipment, not tinker items that might be a tool if they ever work.
  3. No items with only a highly limited use case, like a screwdriver for repairing an Apple Watch.
  4. Nothing that needs a full room to operate, like a reflow conveyor oven.
  5. Keep it reasonable, we won't be getting any 6 figure equipment here!

Except for the last two points, items being excluded from this list doesn't mean that they're not welcome at Metalab, they just need a different wiki page to organize than this one.


Items are roughly sorted by priority.

  • Better soldering stations (Hakko FX-951 Clone? *)
  • PCB inspection microscope with both USB-camera and stereo ocular (AmScope 7X-45X?)
  • Electronic load
  • Pick&Place
  • Tempering oven
  • Benchtop multimeter
  • Logic analyzer
  • Fume exhauster
  • Hot air rework station (Quick 861DW?) — should check existing one first
  • BGA rework station
  • EMC probe + amplifier + spectrum analyzer
  • Ultrasonic PCB cleaner fluid

* I have a similiar T12 compatible model. The controller is ok-ish (I already fried one for some unknown reason) but the handpiece sucks. Maybe get an original handpiece but buy the cheaper controller... The soldering irons itself seem to be original Hakko --Reox (Diskussion) 20:56, 20. Mär. 2019 (CET)