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Metalab will host DonesTech, a female technology collective from Barcelona

  1. talk: Lela's Code: A cyberfeminist activist research project
  2. music: Maquina de Turing from Barcelona

When: Friday, 18th September 2009, 7:30 pm (starting 8 pm)
Where: Metalab, Rathausstrasse 6 in the 1st district of Vienna

Extra: Maquina de Turing will be performing also in Fluc Saturday 19th, upstairs. Further info


Lela's Code: A cyberfeminist activist research project.

Code Lela, the video

an activist research about the current relations between womyn and technologies.

In 2006, three technosocial researchers started an activist research about womyn that were already participating in technologies. We were asking about their access, use and wishes of technologies. It meant the beginning of the informal collective donestech and the metaproject Lela’s Code. Over time Lela’s Code has been developing through the web, new research in visualization and mapping, workshops and training activities, participation and organization of meetings and presentations, and the production of audiovisual and animation projects.

Our talk will attempt to explain the case of donestech, focusing on its motivations, processes and outcomes, as an example of Cyberfeminist activist research. *Thus understood as a practice of generating critical knowledge and creative action, technosocial and technoartistic, which seeks political, social and gender transformation in a dynamic, fluid, multiple, performative way with an intensive use and experimentation of ICT.

The speakers

Eva Cruells Lopez

Eva holds a BA in Social Psychology from the University of Barcelona and a Master in Public Policy and Social Policy from the Pompeu Fabra University. She works in social research and has worked in various Institutions for the promotion of social, political, economic and cultural rights of women, including the Foundation SURT Barcelona (, the European Women's Lobby in Brussels, the association for research and collective action Alia and the collective donestech among others. She is currently a researcher and a dinamizer of She also lectures at different masters and postgraduate courses including the Master of Gender Equality at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

As media activist she has participated in the International Feminist Media Les Penelopes ( and she actively participates in the feminist radio, and the development of the e-radio She coordinates project, she is a member of the audiovisual collective circes of documentary and an active Videomaker, among its highlights videos she has participated in Deciphering the Lela’s Code and Random Lelart (

Núria Vergés Bosch

Núria studied Political and Administration Sciences, holds a Master in Public and Social Policies and is currently writing her Phd Thesis on Womyntech artists. She is a member of the ICT and Gender Research Programme at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute of the Catalan Open University and a member of Copolis Research Group at the University of Barcelona. She mainly works on TecnoSocial Research, Project Management, Teaching and Lecturing.

She is keen on ICT and participates in different collectives and associations related to that field, such as Donestech/CodiLela, Riereta, Telenoika, Indymedia and Kaoxx, among others. With them she organises tecnological, artistical, cultural or training activities, events and meetings.

She is also an electronical music singer. After finishing her musical studies she participates in the audiovisual colectives of La Màquina de Turing, Anularz and most recently the feminist band POLSSONICA.

Seemingly, those are divergent disciplines, but all combined give impressive content to her artistic creations and creativity to her politologic tasks, by using and enjoying ICT.

Music by: La Màquina de Turing

The dominant thread of the performance establishes in rich merges of electric music, voices and video performances and depicts the existence of a personal universe been built in mazes of visual metaphors, sound atmospheres and emotions. Live performances of La Màquina de Turing remind, therefore, of an audiovisual laboratory where curiosity and experimentation meet its purpose. The critical undertone is additionally covered with symbols and all type of poetry expressions.

Colaborates: Llull-logo.png

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