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Generic dating

Looking for something?

Hacker seeks fun/gaming

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Hacker seeks thorough discussion

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Hacker seeks knowledge

  • ente always, all the things. Come talk to me.
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Hacker seeks hardware

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Offering something?

Hacker offers fun/gaming

  • redplanet has many Dixit Cards! (there is also the odyssee version in the lab)

Hacker offers thorough discussion

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Hacker offers knowledge

  • ente seeks to exchange knowledge with other hackers. I know UNIX, C, a bit of lowlevel stuff, some maths and am generally interested in almost everything.
  • Redplanet can teach you how the cuttr works - just ask.
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Hacker offers hardware

  • ente has an old Sun Ultra 10 (ca. 1998) he currently has no need for.
  • ente has a Gameboy Advance with a broken screen - can maybe be used for something fun
  • ente has a couple C64s he's willing to borrow to interested people for interesting projects.
  • redplanet has an old ASUS A7Dc laptop (17 inch; loud; broken battery; shabby condition) for hacky projects
  • redplanet offers 3x Nichicon 420V 82uF 18x25mm Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 105°C for Club Mate
  • pl Elgato EyeTV (USB 2.0 DVB-S/2) Full-HD with Remote Control and Power Supply
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