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The Burp-o-mat is a SodaStream Easy CO2 drink injection machine, located in the kitchen. It needs the certified Burp-o-mat plastic bottle to function (this model works only with plastic bottles).


1. Fill the burp-o-mat plastic bottle only with water (don't add sirups or anything else), up until the specified water mark.

2. Place the bottle without the cap into the machine. You need to tilt and turn the bottle so that the holding mechanism works.

3. Press the big button on the top three times (press hard) for about 2 seconds each.

4. Remove the bottle by tilt again the bottle

5. Enjoy your burp producing beverage (If you want add a sirup, add it at this step)

Manual & Refill

The user instructions manual and the refill cartridge are placed in the "misc" cupboard under the coffee machine. You can get refill cartridges in the Soda Stream onlineshop (order BLUE refill cartridge, not the PINK ones) or at any Billa supermarket.