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It works!

Thomas R. Koll aka T R. (K)roll aka TomK32 was spawned 1982 in Berchtesgaden (he's a germanfag!) and took teh inter-dimensional portal to Vienna in August 2008 becuz of a job advert on teh metalab spamlist, but didn't lurk into the sacred spaces of the metalab until a year later. Please send your hatemail or invitations to pr0nsites to

  • freelance web-developer and wannabe indy-game-dev abusing metalab as office space
  • only surfs
  • analogue photographer who ran out of motifs
  • care-taker of all plants at metalab, not including fungi and ants.
  • swinger (i.e. dancing to swing music. see )
  • sh00ts more eigengoals than goals in table soccer
  • speak german, english magyarul and rubyish
  • proud of once being kicked of a mailing list called "spam" for unappropriate behaviour, having been a wikipedia admin, dropped out of uni successfully and working no more than avg 4hrs/day


Ganz nach Bedarf kann ich ad hoc Workshops zu folgenden Themen halten:



  • The Flying Camera (mit @beanieboi) gewann das Super Game Dev Weekend 2010
  • wird ein Tool für flickr um Portfolios zu erstellen
  • entstand beim Railsrumble und wird ein sehr innovatives Browser Game rund um Ameisen