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Marius Kintel

marius -at- kintel -dot- net

Jabber: - I blog almost exclusively original content, so please bookmark the RSS to keep an eye on my projects.

..previously known in the demoscene as Condor / Armada and Panoramic Designs.


  • RepRap
  • Electronics, Microcontrollers, Robotics etc.etc.
  • Macroeconomics - The (financial) crisis is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a glimpse of the inner (non-) workings of the world.
  • Real-time 3D programming (which I do for a living); C/C++, OpenGL, Coin3D, Qt (the GUI toolkit), Objective-C/Cocoa
  • Music - slowly moving here, Arduino synth is in the works, thanks to inspiration from Jay and Scripty.
  • Poker - Texas Hold'em; fun, but too time consuming to master.
  • Cooking - I enjoy cooking, although not as much as hacking.. Food Hacking anyone?
  • Mac OS X (Linux, Unix - as long as it's not Windows I'm in)
  • Wuzeln
  • essence, any combination of technology, software, hardware, art and fun will make my day :)


In Metalab

Incoming Ideas and Plans

  • Fireball shooter
  • Bicycle POV-display, and other POV-toys
  • Hacking space (weather balloon?)
  • Fun with accelerometers
  • Synth building, MIDI hacking
  • Welding - I need to build something big