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Marius Kintel

kintel -at- sim -dot- no


  • Real-time 3D programming (which I do for a living); C/C++, OpenGL, Coin3D, Qt (the GUI toolkit), Objective-C/Cocoa
  • Electronics, Microcontrollers
  • Mac OS X (Linux, Unix - as long as it's not Windows I'm in)
  • Music (somehow I haven't managed to bump my music creation projects to the top of my TODO list)
  • Wuzeln
  • Poker (I enjoy playing Texas Hold'em, but it has been a bit down-prioritized lately)
  • Cooking - I enjoy cooking, although not as much as hacking.. Food Hacking anyone?
  • Macroeconomics (I'm too lazy to read up on this - currently waiting for someone to come along and explain it all to me)
  • ..well, in essence, any combination of technology, software, hardware, art and fun will make my day :)


  • C64DTV - Hacking the C64-in-a-joystick
  • TassimoHack - Alarm-clock triggered coffee machine
  • ArtElectronique -
  • MetaDMX - Hardware and firmware implementation of receiver part in progress
  • Establishing, porting and developing Free Software toolchains for Microcontroller programming for use in non-Windows environments.
  • potat0r (with Cygenb0ck)

In Metalab

Incoming Ideas and Plans

  • RFID - reading up, learning, playing, hacking. OpenPCD, OpenPICC, OpenBeacon.
  • Jam Jar Jet ++
  • Bicycle POV-display, and other POV-toys