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  • Frontend developer and co-owner of DungeonFog
  • Experience with graphics programming, games, causing havoc on the Metalab mailing lists
  • Microcontrollers: STM32, Arduino, a bit of PIC, ESP8266, ESP32
  • Programming languages (in order of familiarity): JavaScript, Rust, C, Objective C, C#, Swift, bash, little bit of Python, Java


Nearly every day.


In Progress:

In Limbo:

  • Cellardoor v2
  • Blinkenwall advanced
  • End game-level mechanical keyboard
  • Sun-tracking solar panel
  • An electronics-supported board game aka portable Blinkenwall



Searchable Board Database

Ringing in 2015 with 40 Linux-friendly hacker SBCs

ARM-Boards Owned

ARM-Boards Not Owned

Intel-based SBCs