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K (Amir Hassan?)
K (Cross Platform/Open Source - Laser Cutter Driver)
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===Cross Platform/Open Source - Laser Cutter Driver===
The Metalab Laser Cutter (Epilog Legend 36Ext) is shipped with a windows-only
The Metalab Laser Cutter (Epilog Legend 36Ext) is shipped with a windows-only

Version vom 30. Juni 2011, 18:07 Uhr

Amir Hassan?

At the HAR festival 2009



  • Automatically adjust the color space of distorted map tiles.
  • Makes assumptions about logical color assignment using data from different zoom levels.

Status: Was fun - abandoned

Java       Java Advanced Imaging API

Salami Rocket

  • Modeled, simulated and built a hybrid rocket motor with nitrous oxide and salami as propellant.
  • Successfully ground tested.

Status: Requires investment and better weather

Geil-o-mat      Lathe      RockSim      C++

CNC Mill - Migration to EMC2

The CNC mill was initially operated using WinPCNC which turned out to be limited, error-prone and confusing.

  • Researched alternatives and decided EMC2 to be the best candidate (open source, feature-rich and stable).
  • Extracted physical parameters from the CNC and configured EMC2.
  • Created a custom Ubuntu live CD for evaluation.

Status: evaluated

Geil-o-mat      EMC2      Linux

Battle For Wesnoth

  • Created several maps
  • Wrote an AI for survival maps using formularAI

Status: done

Wesnoth Markup Language      FormulaAI     


The Metalab Laser Cutter (Epilog Legend 36Ext) is shipped with a windows-only driver which needs to be operated from Corel Draw. In addition job optimization is insufficently implemented and might even lead to undesired results.

  • Reverse engineered the PCL based job format
  • Implemented cups backend
  • Wrote a postscript printer description
  • Implemented optimization algorithms avoiding problematic cutting order and reducing job duration.

Status: alpha

Laser Cutter      C++      STL      Boost C++ Libraries      CUPS      Postscript      PPD      PCL      HPGL


In the course of Metalab's participation in the Nokia App Forum i explored the N900 device. The recommended development environment, a VM image provided by the Maemo project turned out to be unready and undocumented.

  • identified problems and figured intentions
  • upgraded, cleaned up and fixed it

Status: In progress/stalled - basically working though qemu's limited support for ARMel still prevents productiv use

Virtual Machine      Linux      Gnu Compiler Collection      Scratchbox     

Gstreamer Fun

Media stream tinkering.

Status: Never ending

Java       Linux     


JNBD - A transparent compressed network block device daemon

JNBD is a NBD daemon implementation in java. But instead of serving an actual block device it transparently compresses blocks into files. Its primary use is to serve a read/write compressed storage device in a platform independent manner (on the server side!) over a network. Any filesystem can be setup on a jnbd instance without the need for the actual filesystem to support RW compression.

Status: Beta

Java      NBD     


  • How to CNC using Open Source Software
  • How to create your own Custom Live CD
  • Ruby for Beginners
  • Shell/Scripting for Beginners
  • Maemo/N900 Development - Getting started