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The Bandsaws are owned by Joe and where in the lab since 2014-05-01_Jour_Fixe but was removed in Feb 2016.

A bandsaw can be used to cut wood, metalls and plastics not only in straight lines, but also curved lines.

Current Status

How to Operate

  • Check if band is correctly tightned (Do it with caution, because the band is very sharp and can easily injure you!)
    • See Repair Guide otherwise...
  • Check if the band is OK
    • See Repair Guide otherwise..
  • Adjust the upper band holder to the correct hight (It should be right about your workpiece)
  • Switch it on
  • Saw

General Tips

  • Do not use the bedstop (Seitenanschlag), because the cut off piece can easily lock up there and press the band aside
  • A Bandsaw is a free-hand tool, mark you cut path and cut there instead of measuring on the machine
  • The band swings in every direction a few parts of a mm. Consider that while you are sawing!

How to Repair

There is a good guide how to correctly setup a bandsaw here: Bandsäge einstellen (German)