Backup Meeting

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Backup Meeting
time: 12.06.2022, 17:00 (every 2nd Sunday of the month)
space: Hauptraum or Bibliothek
initiator: becca
type: usergroup
costs: precious time and space
status: active
what: back up all relevant digital data from various devices
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 21.05.2022

Backup Meeting

self-help group for backups, including:

  • finding fitting storage devices
  • finding good software
  • planing and executing
  • writing scripts
  • ...


becca - wants to backup daily devices regularly (laptop / Lifebook U939, phone / Pixel 3a, tablet / S6 lite), backup all other devices irregularly (tab S6 lite, Kobo sage, inkpalm 5, R4 sd-card, ps vita sd-card, Switch Lite game data, X1 carbon, usb drives), backup some old stuff once / bring old data over to new storage devices (HDDs/SSDs, phones, usb drives, music players)

Learning Videos

Backups: You're doing 'em wrong!