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The midi timepiece is an USB MIDI interface from MOTU ("Mark Of The Unicorn"). It features a lot of MIDI and related input and output ports. It is connected to the computer via USB.


The midi timepiece appears as a midi interface on the computer. So you can use it to send and receive midi messages through it (e.g. you could take a SysEx-dump from the Virus KC). But you could also use the midi timepiece as a router between the connected midi devices. For example you could redirect messages coming in on ports 3+6 to ports 1, 5 and 6. This could be done with MOTU's software "Clock Works".



  1. 7 MIDI Inputs (1-7)
  2. 7 MIDI Outputs (1-7)
  3. 1 VIDEO sync in
  4. 1 WORD sync out
  5. 1 RS423 NET port
  6. 1 RS423 MAC port
  7. 1 ADAT sync out
  8. 1 SMPTE in
  9. 1 SMPTE out
  10. 1 Pedal A


  1. 1 MIDI input (8)
  2. 1 MIDI output (8)
  3. 1 Pedal B/LRC