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The midi timepiece is an USB MIDI interface from MOTU ("Mark Of The Unicorn"). It features a lot of MIDI and related input and output ports. It is connected to the computer via USB.


The midi timepiece appears as a midi interface on the computer. So you can use it to send and receive midi messages through it (e.g. you could take a SysEx-dump from the Virus KC). But you could also use the midi timepiece as a router between the connected midi devices. For example you could redirect messages coming in on ports 3+6 to ports 1, 5 and 6. This could be done with MOTU's software "Clock Works".


midi timepiece


  1. 7 MIDI Inputs (1-7)
  2. 7 MIDI Outputs (1-7)
  3. 1 VIDEO sync in
  4. 1 WORD sync out
  5. 1 RS423 NET port
  6. 1 RS423 MAC port
  7. 1 ADAT sync out
  8. 1 SMPTE in
  9. 1 SMPTE out
  10. 1 Pedal A


  1. 1 MIDI input (8)
  2. 1 MIDI output (8)
  3. 1 Pedal B/LRC

Default Setup

  1. Samick Master Keyboard KK1
  2. Virus KC
  3. Machinedrum
  4. Virus Rack
  5. Yamaha FS1R Tone Generator
  6. Mono Wave
  7. Soundart Chameleon 24bit programmable audio dsp engine
  8. not connected