AD7716 Evaluation Board

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This Analog Devices evaluation board we acquired in 2006 from (thx Martin Wassermair!) is dated (3/95) but features a solid PCB interfacing and is -almost- ready to play around with.

22-Bit Data Acquisition System


The EVAL-AD7716EB demonstrates the AD7716, 4-channel, 22-bit A/D Converter. This high-resolution ADC is ideally suited for biomedical data acquisition systems such as ECG and EEG as will as general data acquisition applications. Full data on the AD7716 is available in the AD7716 data sheet.

Included on the evaluation board with the AD7716 are 4 input buffers, a voltage reference, a crystal oscillator, output interface circuitry and a 25-Way D-Type connector. The board comes complete with a cable for connecting directly to the printer port of a PC. (original cable is missing)

Software is provided to allow simple demonstration and evaluation of the AD7716.

Board Capabilities

The EVAL-AD7716 allows the digital filter in the AD7716 to be programmed for three cut-off frequencies. These are 36.5Hz, 73Hz and 146Hz. The device itself is capable of operating at two other cut-off frequencies: 292Hz and 584Hz. However, at these higer cut-off frequencies it is not possible to transfer all the device data (128 bits) in the time available, given the speed of the printer port interface. That is why the feature is not offered with this package. If operation at these higher cut-off frequencies is desired, then it is recommended that the user interface the EVAL-AD7716EB to a microcontroller or a DSP microcomputer over a faster serial port.