2009-06-23 FOAF+SSL

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When:     Tue. 23.06.2009, 19:30
Where: in the Metalab
What: » FOAF+SSL is a authentication and authorization protocol that links a Web ID to a public key, thereby enabling a global, decentralized/distributed, and open yet secure social network. It functions with existing browsers. « -- http://esw.w3.org/topic/foaf+ssl

foaf+ssl is a very simple protocol for RESTful authentication for the Social Web. It is OpenID simplified and made web friendly and secure. It uses the SSL (https) stack available in all browsers, and does not invent anything new. So it works with a non jail broken iPhone for example, as well as with Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE, ... This makes it possible to do things like:

  • go to a web site and be logged in without having to enter a password or username (for example the metalab.at wiki) and have the web site know as much as you are willing to make public
  • protect documents so that it is only visible to your friends, or the friends of your friends, or your family, etc... but where there is no central server containing the information of any of your friends.
  • drag and drop a web page from someone onto your friend list - whatever server their information is on - and add them to your friends.
  • and much much more... (see wiki)

We have implementations in php, python, perl, java, and C, with people implementing plugins for apache and other web servers....

It is quite easy to get going. So it would be nice to have a session convering the protocol, how it works, and then follow up with some hands on hacking where everyone gets their foaf file, and even put together a little server to give access control...

Speaker: Henry Story

... on his "foaf+ssl world tour"

Henry works as Social Web Architect for Sun Microsystems, where he explores the use of the Semantic Web to create distributed yet Secure Social Networks (slidecast of JavaOne 2008 presentation). In a previous life Henry worked at AltaVista where he developed the BabelFish mashine translation engine service using software by Systran.

( Henry: Ich kann Deutsch sprechen, aber es wird wahrscheinlich besser sein wenn ich in Englisch vortrage. )