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Use like this:

|logo=No-Logo.png <!-- Use this link to upload your logo to the Wiki first: https://metalab.at/wiki/Spezial:Hochladen for no logo at all use | as graphic-->
|organizer=[User:You?|You?] <!-- You're welcome to link to multiple persons that cooperate on organising events. -->
|email=[mailto:your@email.address your@email.address] <!-- Optional, replace both times your@email.address with your actual adress -->
|homepage= <!-- use [WikiPage] or [[https://external.example.com Exteral Site Name]] with httpS if possible! -->
|mastodon= [https://chaos.social/@metalab @metalab@chaos.social]<!-- Optional -->
|irc=[ircs://irc.libera.chat:+6697/metalab #metalab at libera.chat] or [https://matrix.to/#/#metalab:matrix.org Metalab Matrix Room] <!-- Will link to the #metalab IRC Channel on libra.chat, HTML Entity used because # will be turned into 1. by MediaWiki. Please use the link to the #Metalab Channel if you don't have a dedicated channel of your own so people can easily contact a human entity! Legacy Info: Also, MediaWiki doesn't support xmpp links -->
|topic=What is your usergroup working on?
|startdate=21.01.2013 <!-- dd/mm/yyyy -->
|meetings=monthly/bimonthly/weekly/biweekly/infrequently/on demand/…
|targetgroup=Who should come? Who is welcome?
|description=What is happening in general?
|lastupdate=21.01.2013 <!-- if lastupdate is not set manually, the date will be set automatically to the date of the latest wikipage -->
|hidden=true|false <!-- hides the output (if it bothers you that much) but can be caught through DPL to make dynamic lists and sorts -->

NOTE: you will change the appearence of EVERY OCCURENCE ON EVERY USERPAGE! so dont fuck up. kthxbye.