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300px-Taugshow-logo.jpg monochrom presents:

++ Roboexotica Special ++

When: Friday, Dec 5, 2008 / 8:00 PM

Where: Metalab, Vienna Rathausstr. 6

presented by Johannes Grenzfurthner und Roland Gratzer.

But who are our guests?


Mitch Altman is a San Francisco-based hacker and inventor, best known for co-founding 3ware (with J. Peter Herz and Jim MacDonald), his pioneering work in Virtual Reality at VPL Research and inventing TV-B-Gone. He is also President and CTO of Cornfield Electronics.


Eddie Codel is a videographer, documentary filmmaker, technologist, political activist, open source evangelist, robot enthusiast and occasional conference organizer who strongly believes in the notion of empowering others through open information exchange. Codel currently resides in San Francisco where he makes online videos for political campaigns, blogs, Internet startups and produces Geek Entertainment TV, a weekly videoblog on passionate geeks.


Bre Pettis makes things. Bre Pettis is a founder of NYC Resistor, a hacker collective in Brooklyn and in his recent past he's created new media for Etsy.com and been host of Make: Magazine's Weekend Projects podcast He's also been a schoolteacher, artist, and a puppeteer. Bre is passionate about invention, innovation, and all things DIY.


Da Music Extraordinaire.


    Evelyn presents "Wicked Wordz", our regular column about lingustics.

MONOCHROM monoklein.gif

Taugshow is a project by monochrom. But what is monochrom?

monochrom is a worldwide operating collective dealing with technology, art, context hacking, and philosophy which was founded in 1993. They specialize in an unpeculiar mixture of proto-aesthetic fringe work, pop attitude, subcultural science, and political activism. Their mission is conducted everywhere, but first and foremost "in culture-archaeological digs into the seats (and pockets) of ideology and entertainment."

Among their projects, monochrom has released a leftist retro-gaming project, established a one baud semaphore line through the streets of San Francisco, started an illegal space race through Los Angeles, buried people alive in Vancouver, and cracked the hierarchies of the art system with the Thomann Project. In Austria they ate blood sausages made from their own blood in order to criticize the grotesque neoliberal formation of the world economy. Sometimes they compose melancholic pop songs about dying media and they have hosted the first annual festival concerned with cocktail robotics. At the moment they're planning a conference about pornography as one of the driving forces of technological innovation. They also do international soul trade, propaganda camps, epic puppet theater, aesthetic pregnancy counseling, food catering, and - sorry to mention - modern dance.

More infos: wikipedia - monochrom