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What is this about?

At metalab people create many ingenious inventions on a daily base to make life at the hackerspace easier. The patent office collects these inventions for the purpose of monetizing. The most useful creations are honoured below.

granted patents

Patent no. 93117: shock proof mate bottle

Shock proof mate.jpg By adding soft padding around a bottle of club mate it becomes resistant against shock damages which may be induce by tipping it over a table edge.

Patent no. 234893: cinch to wire adapter

Cinch to wire.jpg By attaching solid copper wires to a standard cinch connector the connectivity is enhanced by allowing is to be connected to e.g. mains wires. The exact use case remains unknown is for connecting a cinch-audio device to XLR speakers.

Patent no. 236017: wire stripper with extended adjustment screw

Special wire stripper.jpg By using the longest available adjustment screw the wire stripper is modified to be likely to cause more injuries or damages while using it, thus making it more suitable for the daily use at a hackerspace.

Patent no. 261013: schuko lightbulb

Schuko Lightbulb.jpg Screw sockets for Lightbulbs have proven to be inefficient. Thus soldering a Schuko mains cable directly to the lightbulb contacts creates a versatile lamp which suits the needs of an hackerspace perfectly. Layered duct tape acts as a highly efficient insulation for the mains voltage.