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The metalab has a PCB printer!

  • First contact: 2014-09-02
  • State: Waiting for Someone(tm) to assemble it


What does it do? It is a printer based on bubble jet technology, but it can emit silver traces that are conductive. It's designed for printing electronic boards, especially for surface mounted devices (SMD).

What can it print on? Not quite sure yet. It has to have a rough surface, but sanding works, according to the developers. Even fabrics work, although you can't solder on them afterwards (needs conductive glue).

What's the resolution? The developers claim that everything down to TSSOP works fine (that's 0.65mm pitch).

Can I print something? Yes, but first we have to assemble it, test it and then get a price chart up. The silver is quite expensive.

Who owns the printer? Right now, anlumo is the owner, but the Metalab is supposed to buy it from him Soon(tm).


Store for the consumables: [1]


Some fine folks volunteered to help the Metalab pay for the printer by donating some money.

Member Moneyz[€] Paid?
wizard23 100
overflo 100
clifford 100
uniq 50 (20.6.2014)
metachris 50
metaz 100 (Juli 2014)
datacop 50
prikle 50 (~15.06.2014)
reox 50 (08.09.2014)
amir 50
anlumo 100
naxx 50 (25.08.2015 an anlumo)
mind 50
zwax 25 (09.08.2015)
you? ??

Summe 900

The printer did originally cost €884.10 + import tax/customs €343.36.

Printing Costs

anlumo also ordered some cartridges along with the printer to save some shipping costs. We currently have:

  • 8x Silver Nitrate
  • 3x Ascorbic
  • 4x Ascborbic+
  • 2x Black

This should be enough for about 125000cm^2 of printing area. The costs were about €300.

Open question: What should the printing price be? Ideally the software could tell you the exact amount of chemicals that were used for printing, but this is pending investigation.