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Speaker:   Thomas Clausen
When: Wed., 13.08.2008, 19:00
Where: at Metalab, Vienna, Rathausstr. 6

Thomas Clausen, one of the authors of RFC 3626 (OLSR) - which is being used as the mesh routing protocol in FunkFeuer.at, Freifunk.net, Athens Metropolitan Network and many other community networks in the world as well as in industry , will give a small talk in front of funkfeuer.at and interested mesh network researchers at the Metalab.

OLSR is probably *the* most widely deployed proactive mesh protocol worldwide apart from proprietary US .mil mesh networks.

Thomas Clausen will describe the upcoming OLSR v2 RFC which can accomodate many features requested by the user community and also fine tune things with folks from funkfeuer.at based on our needs.