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a NOSQL Summer

Join vienna’s noqslsummer with beer, mate and the CAP-Theorem! We’ll meet at the famous metalab in the heart of vienna. If you enjoy discussing scaling challenges, data modeling or have no ideal but would like to learn and hang out with fellow geeks this is your place!

It’s on Tuesday 31th, August 2010, 19:00 at the famous metalab.

Our first paper will be Dynamo: Amazon’s Highly Available Key-value Store

Hope to see you there!

Who's coming (31th August 2010)

  1. Peter Steinberger (Twitter)
  2. TomK32
  3. Martin Schürrer (Twitter)
  4. tosh (Twitter)
  5. Manuel Maly (Twitter)
  6. Antifuchs (Twitter)
  7. Georg (Twitter)
  8. Nik Graf (Twitter)
  9. Maybe: citizen428 (Twitter)
  10. japhy (Twitter)
  11. Maybe: cypher (Twitter)


Just add yourself if you got something you wanna present or talk about: