Metaday 62

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Einmal im Monat lädt das Metalab Vortragende aus aller Welt ein, bei uns von ihren Projekten und Ideen zu erzählen. Anschließend gibt es Platz für Lightning Talks, wo Besucher aktuelle Unternehmungen und Vorhaben vorstellen können, sowie ein Buffet und gemütliches Ambiente für Diskussion und Austausch.

The Metalab is glad to invite everyone interested to Metaday #62

on Friday, December 6 2013, 19:30 (20:00)
at Metalab, Rathausstraße 6, downtown Vienna close to the city hall – free entry

Wargames in the Fifth Domain: Mutually Assured Pwnage

A critical look at what Cold War analogies can and cannot teach us about "cyberwar".

Lecturer:    Karin Kosina,, @kyrah

"Cyberwar" has become a thing. Unfortunately, no-one seems to be totally clear on what that thing really is. And so there has been a flurry of attempts to make sense of the brave new world of warfare in the fifth domain by likening it to other, better-understood models of conflict - most notably: the Cold War. To what degree do such comparisons make sense though?

This is not a technical talk about the latest 0day. It is not a historical talk about the Cold War either. (Though you will hopefully learn a few interesting technical details and historical anecdotes from it anyway.) It is an attempt to clarify what the heck that over-used term "cyberwar" is actually supposed to mean, and to contribute to a critical discussion about what the militarisation of cyberspace means for us as a society.

Kk 2013 120.jpg

Karin Kosina, virtually known as kyrah, worked for 10+ years in R&D before deciding to go into international relations. She wrote her master's thesis at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna on Wargames in the Fifth Domain, arguing that "cyberwar" is vastly over-hyped.

Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks are an entertaining format of short lectures presenting current ideas, ongoing projects and particularly work-in-progress. The length of a talk is strictly limited to 5 minutes.

You're invited to add your lightning talk below. Don't hesitate to apply even if you feel your presentation isn't perfectly formulated, this isn't expected for such rather spontaneous talks. Chronological order subject to change:

Who? What? Beamer? record?
* MacLemon/ Aaron/ ??: Project BetterCrypto⋅org - Applied Crypto Hardening
* Herbert: In January starts the 4th consecutive course at the Metalab to aquire the skills for an amateur radio license - Amateurfunk-Kurs 2014


Buffet, Wein und Ambient/Downtempo Chillout Musik