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Sprache: Deutsch

Gestartet: AD 2009
Involvierte: rd
Status: active
Beschreibung: Retroarcade Machine (Mame on a PC inside arcadehousing)
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 2019-09-23

"Game is never over."

For everyone wanting to join in on the Project -> Metacade Status. | alle Metacade-Seiten


The Metacade is a self built MAME based arcade emulator. Built slightly bigger than the original Arcades so the player gets the feeling of beeing a child again.


Building your own arcade is fairly easy, all you need is an old pc with the MAME emulator software, an old TV, joysticks and buttons and some wood for the frame.

In depth concept

Of course the devil is in the detail. For example you cannot just use an old keyboard due to the fact that it can not handle more than three or four keys beeing pressed at the same time. Also playing games in their native resolution can be quite tricky because the old video signals are not supported anymore. Some games even require analog inputs like trackballs and spinners and each game usually has its own keymapping. The Arcade should also be easy to use, meaning turning it on or off should be possible using a single switch for the pc, lights and TV or Monitor.

Executive Summary

  1. The look and feel of the games should be as close to the orginal as possible
  2. Arcade-Flair
  3. No Keyboard or operating system should be visible
  4. Disassembly should be easy and fast in case the whole Machine has to be moved
  5. Apart from arcade games, emulation of laser disk and NES games as an extra feature

How to play

  1. Plug in Metacade
  2. Turn on zee Metacade with button on the left back side of the joystick panel
  3. Wait 1-2 mins for it to boot
  4. Wait for MAME frontend to start up
  5. Select game with "Player 1" joystick-up and down
  6. Start game with "Player 1" button
  7. Wait for "insert coin", then insert coin into slot or fake a coin with player 1 + button 1

  • The "Player 1" button acts like a shift key
  • P1 + Joy1Down: (Un)Freeze emulation (aka. "Pause")
  • P1 + Joy1Right: Find Game (Main screen. P1=Add, P2=Del character) or Menu (in game)
  • P1 + P2 Back to Main Menu (Esc)


  • Fun for the whole family ! Spending all your coins !
  • Kernelhacking-Skills +1 (libsvga and M.A.M.E. already support PAL - to be able to see the output during bootup modelines for bootsplash and usplash are needed
  • Hardwarehacking-Skills +3 (Controlpanel) Whateverlab
  • Carpentry skills +3