Metaboard/2010 activities/Hacksession 2010-09-17

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The ATmega168 is programmed by the Arduino, using three wires for MISO/MOSI/SCK, one for reset, and three LEDs for status indication. The green LED is used to show that the ATmega can run its own programs.
  • Received a short introduction to PCB CNC from user:bkubicek.
  • Had a look at the Bauteilsortiment -- they have almost everything we need. notable exceptions are an rs485 serial driver and an RFM12 (there are three RFM12B, though; considering switching to 3.3V).
  • Built a minimal programmer using an arduino and the layout from the ArduinoISP tutorial. Another tutorial was helpful too.
    • Using this configuration, sketches can be uploaded to the second ATmega168 with the usual Makefiles (it helps to set the F_CPU correctly, though, otherwise the delay function produces slightly off results)

Next steps are uploading the V-USB bootloader to the ATmega and experimenting with USB HID; ordering missing components.