Libreboot and Replicant Workshop

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I've talked to some people in Metalab, and presented what Technoethical ( does - mainly replacing the proprietary BIOS on compatible ThinkPad laptops with Libreboot, and installing Replicant on compatible Samsung phones, and how through this we have found a way to earn a living while still working on libre technologies.

See more info here about the projects we use:

Related to this, we want to promote libre software and compatible hardware more, and to collaborate with people in hackerspaces and event organizers, to deliver workshops there.

Since I (Florentin) come regularly (a few times a year) to Vienna, we thought of organizing Libreboot (Coreboot) and Replicant workshops in Metalab.


  • Tue., 10.7.2018, 19:00

(I will also be in Metalab on Mon., 09.7.2018, evening)

What the workshop would be

Libreboot - Libre replacement for BIOS:

- hardware compatibility & downloading the right image

- getting to know the tools and the targets

- flashing the chip where the BIOS is stored, using flashrom, an external SPI programmer and a clip (or soldered wires)

- setting up the GRUB payload by modifying grub.cfg in the CBFS, using cbfstool

Replicant - Libre replacement for the phones' main OS:

- flashing a recovery image, using heimdall (for Samsung phones)

- installing a system zip from Recovery, using a micro USB cable

- connecting to Internet with an external WiFi adapter that has libre driver+firmware

- talking about future development, external bluetooth, external GPS, DIY phones, etc.


A list of those interested.