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Verified parameters for the 100W BRM lasercutter:

Material Cut Speed (mm/s) Cut Power Engrave Speed (mm/s) Engrave Power Comments
Black granite n/a n/a 300 50%
Linen cloth 300 70% n/a n/a
Finnboard/Finnpappe 4mm 25 98% ? ?
Buchbinderpappe 0,5mm 110 98% ? ? 2023 maxvalue
Plywood birch 3mm 10-35 95% 250 30 Does cut properly with 35mm/s but in some places <10mm/s are required.
Ikea PP Dosen x x 200 30 10mm Fokusabstand
Polyesterstoff 150 70% ? ? Fokus ist schwierig...
Spacecraft Multi Layer Insulation 100 80% ? ? Can occasionally melt together again after cutting
Cork 5mm (Kork-Matte) 20m 100-100% ? ?
Plywood for "engraving" vector lines 150 7.5-37.5% n/a n/a See below

Attraktor hat den gleichen Lasercutter, deren Wiki hat viele Parametervorschlaege.

Notes on engraving vector lines

When using the "cut" mode to scratch thin lines into a surface (say, outlines of fields in a board game, when the full board is cut through), the laser is moved at high speeds (say, 150mm/s) with low power, but slows down when lines are bent too tightly. This is where the minimum cut power shines: The cutter will reduce power as it speeds down, to avoid burning through the material. If you set the lower bound too low, lines will get lost where it slows down (because the effect on the material is not linear, and 1% may not do anything at all any more). If you set it too high, the prolonged exposure on a single spot can send the laser all through the material.

For test cuts, take a coarse and a fine sample from your picture.

A practical test file is slowdowntest, which has multiple colors to try out different settings, and lines of varying curvature to see the effects.