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Lasercutter Replacement

Since our laser cutter is quite old now, discussions have flared up frequently on whether we should replace it with a more modern model. This page was created to collect all the findings of the Metalab Lasercutter Replacement Research Team™.

Maximum possible device dimensions at the current location are 160*110cm.

Model price cutting area Laser power technology fume extraction interface software camera extras
Laserbox 3.000$/5.500$ + shipping 958x528x268mm 40W cloud web interface
Glowforge Pro 6.000$ + shipping 515x455x50mm 45W cloud web interface
Dremel LC40 6.500$ + shipping 508x304x31mm 40W us only
FSLaser MUSE 3D Vision AF 6.500€ + shipping 508x305x63mm 45W locally-hosted web interface 3D camera work uneven surfaces
Beambox Pro 4.000€ + 60€ shipping 600x375x80mm 50W CO2 Laser
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Trotec Speedy 400
Metaquip LITE2 600x400mm 60W
Lasergraaf Vera 130W PREMIUM compact 12.000$ 1300x900x300mm 130W
FSlaser PS24 Pro 8.100$ + shipping 610x406x165mm 90W
FSlaser PS36 Pro 9.600$ + shipping 610x406x215mm 90W
LS6090 PRO Laser 5.250£ 900x600mm 60/80W
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China cutter
very fine Chinesium from Aliexpress
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Combinated devices
Your desired model here

Option 2: Traditional

  • Trotec Speedy 400? Also has a fiber laser, which extends the range of possible materials (including 0.5mm aluminium!).
  • Metaquip LITE2: Nothing exciting. Only 600*400mm working area, 60W. Software also available for Linux!
  • Lasergraaf Vera 130W PREMIUM compact: Needs a bit of creative reshuffling of the working space, because it's too large. Looks pretty capable and cheap though. Supports LightBurn software, which runs on Linux!
  • FSlaser PS24 Pro: Uses a browser-based software, looks very nice (a bit like the Adobe Suite). Has a camera for homing!
  • FSlaser PS36 Pro: Same things as above, except better.
  • LS6090 PRO Laser: No thrills, Win-only software.

Option 3: China Cutter

One major issue for these is that we sometimes need spare parts, like a CO2 tube replacement. Also, the software is probably even worse than the one by Epilog.

  • yes agree, the software could be better :) A friend in NL uses a SH G350 co2 laserengraver for different parts in her mediaart installations. The whole thing plus the software felt very clumsy. The sounds of the machine reminded me of the Epilog after 10 years operation. JoaK (Diskussion) 16:54, 31. Aug. 2020 (CEST)

Option 4: Combination Devices

The best solution would be a device that can do CNC milling, laser cutting/engraving and plasma cutting with the same frame. While this is not really a problem on the technical side, we were unable to find any product for this except some DIY attempts. Going DIY would also be an option, but it's probably a lot of work and involves handling a class 4 laser tube with adequate safety installations.