Journalism for Hackers

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Journalism For Hackers. A highly compressed guide to the way the media works.

also the zeroth installment of - connecting Journalists and Hackers.

by Dave Dempsey


Fri 2011-10-14, 19:00

at the Metalab

Rathausstraße 6, 1010 Vienna

Part 1. What is news, and what's a journalist have to do with it.

Part 2. Journalistic methods, The good, The Bad and The Really Fun.

Part 3. Not all Journalists are evil. A lot of them just don't know any better.

Part 4. Public Relations for asocial types. The care and feeding of your pet journalist.

Part 5. It's not rocket Science. Make your own Media, and bring the news to its knees.

We will take a look at best case, worst case, and lower case scenarios of dealing with the media. As a consumer, creator and subject of the news. Classic reporting of tech issues can be a terrible experience for those who know better, and I would like to help you understand why, and what you can do about it.

Power point may be involved.