HDMI whisperer

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HDMI whisperer
HDMI whisperer.png
Gestartet: 21.11.2015
Involvierte: User:Phaer User:m68k User:Pk User:Jackie
Status: active
Beschreibung: It's a custom-built remote control interface for our cheap Chinese HDMI switches
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 21.11.2015


Our HDMI switches provide only a classic infrared remote control, to interface easier with Slackomatic we replaced the infrared receiver with a few wav files and a small custom-built level shifter.


The cheap Sindax 5 to 1 HDMI switches we got have an IR remote control that comes with a 3.5mm audio connector to plug in a cape with a  TSOP383  AX-1838HS IR receiver module.

This receiver was plugged into the audio port of a laptop and the generated audio was captured.

That gave us 5 different audio files.

The files were post-edited using Audacity and now we can simply play them and attach the audio out from the Raspberry Pi directly to the HDMI switch IR receiver port with a small piece of voltage converter logic in between.


Wav files with the recorded IR commands:

  1. HDMI 1
  2. HDMI 2
  3. HDMI 3
  4. HDMI 4
  5. HDMI 5

The more or less mono files from above split into stereo files with only the left or right channel in use




the supply voltage is actually +3.3V instead of the shown +5V.

As NPN transistors we took 2x BC547B from Metalab's fine electronic parts stock).


HDMI whisperer.jpg