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This Page contains future stuff for the cnc. It was merged to this page because the [[Geil-o-mat| Original Wiki Page] was too crowded.


  • get some flat 4-5 mm wood to put underneath the actual workpeace for cutting/milling through.
  • Revitalize the "Absaugung"
  • Reboot the lubrication thingy.
    • It works by turning on the compressor. The Hex-Screw changes the ammount, the ball-stick turns it on/off.
  • Find a way of dealing with oily aluminium dust.
  • organize some aluminium for testing
  • Niro Wanne schweißen
  • Seitliche Abläufe für Kühlmittelschmiere 3D-Drucken
  • Rack für Stepperdriver und PC (Mit Luftfiltern, damit nicht alles so dreckig wird)

Ideas / Wishlist

  • build/buy a touch-probe (or like this).
  • Build/buy a Vakuum-Table
  • A led-ring for illumination the milling location.
  • Build a 4th, rotating axis.
  • Mess und Anreiswerkzeug
    • Indicator Clamp
    • Höhenanreisnadel
    • Messuhr
    • Fühlhebelmessgerät
    • Stativ bzw Vorrichtung an der Maschine selber
  • Sinustisch
  • Can the spindle run at very low speed? ~600rpm is needed for a Kantentaster
  • Mehr Spannmaterial
    • Niederzugklemmen
    • V-Prisma
    • Planparalelle Metallteile
    • Messingbleche zum Schutz
    • Sowas