Fhb/Korean healing table

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Korean Healing Table

Chapce dish

During this event we will prepare several traditional Korean dishes and share them with the Metalab hacker community as a thematic dinner serving at 20:00 up to 30 people at this highly acclaimed event by many hacker communities which we passed on our way during years. If you want to come for eating you just show up bit in advance to prepare the venue for the dinner - first come first served or you can send email to the contact below to book yourself. – This event is donation based no one turned away for lack of funds.

People who participate since 17:00 in the preparation phase will learn the basics by helping experienced chef to prepare these meals. We need to prepare larger quantities of dishes so not too much detailed explanation can be done, it will be really hands on and observation experience however we will prepare manuals for some of the dishes. People who help to prepare the food are of course welcomed and expected to join the dinner table.

If you want to participate in this hands-on workshop please send an email/message to Algoldor - algoldor at sign foodhackingbase.org because we will be quite busy so we want to make sure that we know who is coming and that the people really show up :-)